Trabanco Sidra Manzana Lin, 700ml

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A single-orchard cider, entirely from the cidery's own estate owned San Pedro de Anes orchard in Gijón. A large proportion of it is the native Lin apple with other local apple varieties to round out the blend. A natural fermentation with indigenous yeasts and left unfiltered. Funky, olive-tinged and crisp dry cider.

Notes from the wholesaler (T. Edward):

"The family's 150 acres of apples equates to about 40,000 trees; and after the fruit has been washed, picked through, and milled, the apples are reduced to a pomace. Pressed and repressed for a total of four days, the result is then ready to ferment. Employing natural bacterias and yeasts, this process is temperature controlled and impurities are removed through a decanting of the cider a few times during a waning moon. Adhering to traditional methods, all cider spends half of its time fermenting in chestnut casks."

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