Shirakabegura Kimoto Junmai Sake, 640ml

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Kimoto is the oldest and most labor intensive way of preparing sake rice to be fermented. The brewery workers physically stimulate the yeast by pounding the rice down with a rod. Because of the length of time and stirring of the air this exposes the rice to the wild yeast and bacteria in the air, making for a more rustic, gamey sake. This sake is dry and can be had cold or hot.

Spec Sheet

From the mouth of the importer (Mutual Trading Co):

"As a result of the exacting methods of the kimoto process, this junmai sake presents a robust body and highly nuanced flavors. When served warm, as it has traditionally been served, its innately earthy and fruity notes of apple, cream cheese, and spice emerge. Chilling is equally recommended, as it will present lighter, delicately nuanced aromas of vanilla, flowers, stone fruit, melon and sweet milk."

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