NV Valli Unite "Alessandrino" Rosso, 750ml

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A crisp yet gamy dry Barbera made without added sulfur. From a cooperative in Piedmont that uses a combination of traditional techniques and organic methods to reduce the impact on the environment. A goal is to let the wine stay alive as long as possible.

From the mouth of the importer (Savio Soares):

"The grapes are grown on the Tortonese hills, a portion from vines planted by Valli Unité’s grandparents. Grapes come from 60% 10-15 year old vines and 40% 40-year old vines from white clay and tuff. Grapes are handpicked from the Ulivi vineyard and are de-stemmed and crushed before being transferred to cement tanks to begin fermentation spontaneously. The liquid is pressed off the skins after about one week and the wine is naturally cold-stabilized over winter. It is bottled without filtration or addition of sulfites."

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