NV La Jara Prosecco Brut, 750ml

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La Jara Prosecco is our new "house" bubble. Why? 1) Under $20 bucks makes it a weekly libation 2) It's organic 3) Dry 4) Beautiful mouthfeel. Some bubble at double the price cannot compete with this beauty. Hopefully a staple in our shop for many many years to come.

From the importers mouth (Winemonger):

"La Jara" is in local dialect the name for "gravel". The calcareous white stones of the river Piave constitute this land......This land belongs to the Marion family, owners of the farm La Jara since 1891. The great love of this family for the land and its products, handed down from generation to generation, is now perpetuated by Massimo Marion with the help of his brother Paolo, who have been running the farm since 1999 with renewed energy.

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