NV Cirelli VdT Montepulciano Rosso, 750ml

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A fuller bodied, juicy but dry red wine from eastern Italy. Part of a line of table wines introduced by Agricola Cirelli when an opportunity to purchase certified organic fruit from another farm arose. Technically non-vintaged as it has a small percentage of grapes from a prior harvest, giving the wine a touch of influence of age making for a more rounded palate. Otherwise vinified the same as their estate grown grapes, with low intervention and very small amounts of sulfites added.

From the mouth of the importer (Zev Rovine):

"Agricola Cirelli is an organic farm certified by IMC (doc. n.3194 RV.01), surrounded by 23 hectares of land. All of its production is designed to respect the natural cycles of the olive trees, vineyards, horticultural crops and the animal breeding. Crop rotation, natural fertilization, and free range animal grazing are Agricola Cirelli’s “techniques” of production. This harmonious environment creates olive oil, wine, vegetables, fruit and meats of supreme quality.

The farm grows its food and wine in total respect of organic agriculture. Nature sets the rules and it dictates the rhythm of every activity. The animals’ interaction with the land offer natural grazing and fertilization of the vines, which means there is no need to use harmful chemical substances."

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