2016 Cerro la Barca Vegas Altas Eva de los Santos Blanco, 750ml

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Bright, crisp dry white wine with white flower and stonefruit notes. A rare, nearly entirely forgotten native white variety from southern Spain, Eva de los Santos. Not commercially produced for many years, Cerro la Barca Vegas Altas is the first winery to sell it currently. Biodynamic practices in the vineyard, native yeasts and low intervention in the cellar.

From the mouth of the importer (Zev Rovine):

"Juan Sojo and Ángel Luis González are like brothers from different mothers. One minute they’re arguing and the next they’re toasting to another harvest. They studied oenology together and ever since have been making wines together. Ángel Luis comes from a background in agriculture while Juan comes from a background in chemistry. Both so different, but yet complement each other so well.

Together they want to prove their homeland’s winemaking potential and in doing so have recovered one of the region’s forgotten varieties: Eva de los Santos. They control and source grapes from 38 hectares of vineyards (some over 80 years of age) and have become the only organic wine producers in all of Extremadura.

Following biodynamic principles and taking advantage of the night’s cooler temperatures, they reap their harvest under September’s full moon. Every grape cluster selected passes through their hands guaranteeing the highest quality and allowing them to limit the use of additives in the cellar."

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