NV Agrapart "7 Crus" Champagne Brut, 750ml

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Although an ardently natural winemaker, Pascal Agrapart chooses not to label his bottles as organic or biodynamic despite qualifying as such. The fruit is all Chardonnay grown in seven vineyards across the Côte de Blancs. A non-vintage bottling that displays racy minerality and gorgeous fruit, utterly impressive.

Notes from the importer (Polaner):

"To really understand Champagne Agrapart, it is important to understand the quiet force behind this esteemed property, Pascal Agrapart. Pascal looks a bit like the actor, Russel Crowe (perhaps a slightly older version), yet his demeanor is the furthest thing from a famous person. He is tall, humble and soft-spoken, but also fiercely talented and wise in the ways of a vigneron. While certainly a "man of the earth" who enjoys spending time in the vineyards, Pascal is equally versed in the technical details of the cellar which in crafting Champagne is itself an art. And while Agrapart's wines always had a somewhat underground following, in recent years, he has gained an international reputation, and has had to learn to maneuver in the limelight, quietly and humbly, of course. Today, he is looked up to and revered by some of the region's rising stars as sort of a professor emeritus of the region who blazed the trail of quality, setting the stage for Champagne's cutting edge scene on the international wine market."

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