Niwa No Uguisu 60 Junmai Ginjo, 720ml

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Brewed by Yamaguchi Shuzojyou in the northern end of Kyushu in the city of Fukuoka, using the water from the nearby Chikugogawa river. Made from the illustrious rice variety called Yamada Nishiki, sometimes called the 'king of sake rice.' Ginjo grade, meaning the rice is polished down 40% before brewing to rid the finished product of the harsher, starchy flavors of the outer parts of the grain. Melons on the nose and a delicate umami flavor with a long finish.

From the mouth of the importer (Mutual Trading Co):

"The largest river in the Kyushu region of Japan is the Chikugogawa. The abundance of pure, clean water in the Chikugo region is said to have given birth to one of the three largest sake-brewing regions in Japan; many breweries were born there. The brewer of Niwa no Uguisu (aka. “Garden's Nightingale”) is Yamaguchi Shuzojo: located in northern Chikugo. The very first brewers of Yamaguchi Shuzojo loved to watch the Japanese nightingales in the garden playing in the water and drinking in the gardens. When the 6th generation family head Yamaguchi Risuke saw this, he made the decision to brew sake using that water.

The Nightingale is colored and positioned differently on every one of the Kura’s 17-20 annually-released sake. Tetsuo Yamaguchi (11th generation) explains “The first generation of sake brewers from my family enjoyed listening to the birds while drinking sake.” The brewery’s motto for their sake is: food comes first; sake comes second. When asked what makes Niwa No Uguisu so special, Tetsuo-san replied, “I can list three things that differentiate us from other breweries: rice, water and people.”

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