Nihon Sakari Junmai Sake, 1.8L

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A big bottle of sake to bust open at a celebration and pass around. Junami, therefore all rice polished to 70% minimum. Pairs well with sashimi, vegetables and the traditional Japanese hot pot dish, Shabu-shabu.

Spec Sheet

From the mouth of the impoter (Mutual Trading Co):

"This sake's main traits are the great rice flavor and soft mouthfeel, with a dry finish and light aftertaste. Easy to drink.

The Nihon Sakari main HQ is in Nishinomiya, an area well known for sake brewing. In the 17th century, almost 30% of sake breweries were based there. In 2000 they changed the name of the company from Nishinomiya Sake Brewing Company to Nihon Sakari Co. LTD. They also have a sake based beauty product line developed in the 1980s. For their 120th anniversary, they re-established their slogan to be "More flavorful, more beautiful."

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