Musashino Sparkling Sake, 720ml

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A fantastic alternative for sparkling wine for those drawn to the ancient craft of sake. This sake is made at the Asahara Shuzo brewery in Saitama, Japan. Hattannishiki rice is used. The sparkle is light, with a touch of sweetness to the sake but nothing near approaching a dessert beverage. At a lower alcohol percentage, 12% ABV, this is a nice selection for a party.

Notes from the importer (Mutual Trading Co):

"The Sake brewery was founded during late 19th century and has been proactively developing new tastes of Sake by selectively choosing Sake rice such as Miyamanishiki from Nagano Prefecture and Hattannishiki from Hiroshima Prefecture. Unlike most sake breweries where Sake rice is polished using the conventional method, Asahara Shuzo kept their traditional polishing style and polishes their sake rice using the flat polishing method."

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