Matsuse Shuzo "Matsu no Tsukasa" Junmai Ginjo, 720ml

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Organic, small batch sake from a Kansai region of Japan. A terroir-driven sake, all the rice and water are from the same area. The rice is polished to 50% of its original size, technically suitable for Diagingo status. Brightly fruity and abundant umami is the dry style sake, an exceptional bottle for a connoisseur or those that just really like small made with talent and quality ingredients.

Notes from the importer (Skurnik):

The Matsu no Tsukasa Junmai Ginjo embodies the philosophy of brewmaster Keizou Ishida to make sake whose taste is as natural as the air and water that surround the brewery. Made in small batches from Ryuo Yamada Nishiki rice grown locally by brewery workers and then milled to 50%, this could technically quality as a Junmai Daiginjo but the brewery would like it to reflect what they consider the quality of their Junmai Ginjo. The sake practically vibrates with energy: rich, luscious flavors reminiscent of Muscat grapes, stonefruit and rich rice umami that finishes clean.

With a history dating to 1860, Matsuse Shuzo made a leap in 1988 to commit themselves to sourcing high quality sake rice from the surrounding area of Ryuo. Traditionally known for growing everyday eating rice, the highest quality Yamada Nishiki rice was brought from the legendary area of Tojo in western Hyogo Prefecture and was grown and adapted to local conditions, providing the basis for much of Matsuse Shuzo’s sake today: Ryuo Yamada Nishiki. Since then the brewery has pioneered rice cultivation techniques both old and new, moving away from the use of chemicals and fertilizers and in the winter leaving paddies flooded and untilled, promoting growth of microorganisms and biodiversity. Working closely with local farmers, the brewery workers oversee every step of rice cultivation.

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