KWCo. Wine Share - Ship to your porch


Each month you will receive 2 wines, accompanied by winery profiles and recipes (we love Alice Waters and Richard Olney, so expect a mediterranean theme). This is a great way to move beyond your palate’s comfort zone and explore wonderfully authentic wines made by family farms using traditional methods to craft living wines. Purchase your share in 3, 6 or 12-month increments.

Share Options

Farmhouse Reds: An assortment of only red wines in a wide range of styles. We think red wine can be enjoyed ALL year long - even with oysters or plopped in an ice bucket with your summer BBQ.

The Adventurer: This is for someone who wants to taste our small-batch discoveries in various shades — red, white, rose’ and bubbles.

The Dirt: So you like your wine to smell like earth and barn floor? Yup, we do too. The funk of these uniquely savory wines will be emanating from the bottle as soon as it’s uncorked!

*Know you want all Cabs, all the time? For an extra ten bucks, we'll customize Shares for specific palettes. The kookier the taste, the better. Give us a call.

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