Kikusui Junmai Sake, 720ml

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An excellent entry-point sake and a good affordable option for pairing with dinner. It can be drank cold but the importer does highly recommend warming it up to release the full potential of the drink. Junmai, is the term for sake made from rice the is polish down to at least 70% of its weight. This is done because sake rice's exterior is less desirable than interior for brewing.

Spec Sheet

From the mouth of the importer (Mutual Trading Co):

"Well-rounded, clean and rich (yet avoiding any semblance of heaviness), Kikusui Junmai will nestle itself comfortably in the center of your palate like a cat sleeping in the sun.  When the sake is warmed slightly the bouquet becomes bolder, plumper, and the flavors ripple from that snug center down to the tips of your fingers and nose. This sake is Kikusui's best brew to be enjoyed warm."

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