Izumibashi Kurotombo Kimoto Junmai “Black Dragonfly”, 720ml

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A truly old school and unique produced sake full of umami flavor. Izumibashi dates back to 1857 and is among the very few breweries that farms their own rice, mills it in house and makes a their koji-kin with the laborious traditional kimoto method. Many other breweries will purchase already milled rice, which could have been grown all the way across Japan, but as everything from the grain, water and wild yeasts and bacteria that are incorporated in the kimoto process are local this is among the truest expressions of a terroir-driven sake.

Spec Sheet

From the mouth of the importer (Mutual Trading Co):

"This special Kanagawa prefecture kimoto sake has a reserved and understated aroma, with light delicate flavors. It is delicious slightly warm, and perfect for enhancing rich flavors and cutting through oil. This sake shines best when paired with delicious food and good company.

Believing that good sake is made with good rice, Izumibashi is one of the few breweries in Japan that polish AND grow their own sake-rice with their own hands. The name Izumibashi comes from the Izumi river which used to irrigate their fields, and Hashi their family name - together Izumibashi means Izumi Bridge."


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