Fuchshof Most Classic German Cider, 750ml

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Traditional rustic German cider made with a blend of apples and pears. Golden yellow hued and packed with tart white grape notes and a gentle grassiness. Left unfiltered, there's a natural sediment that settles at the bottom of the bottle. The importer bring the product in bulk and bottles the cider in the United States, making it much more affordable.

From the mouth of the importer (B. United):

"Fuchshof Most consists of the apple varieties “Braeburn” and “Jonagold”, mixed with the pear varieties “Oberösterreichische Weinbirne (Austrian Speckbirne)” and “Schweizer Wasserbirne (Swiss Kluderbirne)”.

The Germans use a method that is remotely similar to the pressing & filtering of high end sake:
1. They wrap the crushed apples into canvas
2. Put a wooden board on top of it
3. Another layer of crushed apples in canvas on top of it
4 .Another wooden board on top of it
...and so on unitl they create 10 layers."

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