Farnum Hill Sparkling Farmhouse Cider, 12oz Can

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Farnum Hill is renown in cider making circles, one of the first to make a true craft cider of the sorta that is popping up all over America now. They pioneered reviving old varietals to make serious, tannic ciders and away from the overtly sugary mass produced ciders. Enjoy served at 55-60 degrees for the most flavor.

From the mouth of the importer (Skurnik):

“Proprietor Steve Wood returned to the Lebanon, New Hampshire family holding, Poverty Lane Orchards, in the early 1980s to discover that the choice McIntoshes and Cortlands grown there since the 1960s could no longer compete with such aggressively-priced market novelties as waxed Red Delicious from the West Coast and South America. A fortuitous vacation to England with his wife Louisa revealed what would prove to be their future path: a universe of ugly, nasty-tasting cultivars such as Yarlington Mill, Chisel Jersey, and Kingston Black that were unknown to Americans but fermentable into the complex and nuanced beverages all but forgotten in the post-Prohibition rebranding of “cider” into the delicious but sweet and simple beverage known to most of us from our own childhoods. The top-flight raw materials are given as pure and unencumbered a center stage as possible in the ciders themselves. All the bottlings are fermented to full dryness in a range of vessels (from 2000-gallon tanks to neutral barrels) with an inoculation of as neutral a yeast a possible, one with the tolerance for cold temperatures required by a slow, cool, New Hampshire autumn fermentation.

Since 2000 our dry, complex Farmhouse cider has come in big brown bottles, not cans. Back then, canned ciders were made fast, cheap, & heavy on sugar. But now, distinctive hand-made drinks come in cans! Here’s ours—cider-grown, slowly finished, & just not sweet. For full orchard-made flavor, please do NOT serve ice cold! Perfect Pour: 55-60 F.”

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