Cyril Zang Ciderman,750ml

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A natural cider that in every way parallels the weight that term brings to wines. We're talking organic apples, no filtration, no sulfur added and fermented with native yeasts. Funky, tart and strange for the adventurous, perhaps even heroic, cider drinker.

From the mouth of the importer (Selection Massale):

"After a career as a book sales rep in Paris, Cyril decided to go back to native Normandy with his family and started making cider. All of his ciders are coming from apples, about 32 different varieties, picked on the tree, not from the floor where they already started the process of rotting. The apples are then aged whole in small wooden crates for up to two months before being crushed, pressed, and then  transfered to stainless steel tanks where the fermentation starts."

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