2018 Gorrondona Bizkaiko Txakolina,750ml

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A gently fizzy, rather citrusy white of the Basque Country. Perfect for small plates feature salty cheeses, fish and green vegetables or alone with chilled on a hot afternoon. A blend of 85% Hondarrabi Zuri, 8% Hondarrabi Zuri Zerratia, 4% Munemahatsa, and 3% Hondarrabi Beltza all fermented with indigenous yeasts. Farmed organically.

Notes from the importer (De Maison Selections):

Doniene Gorrondona is perched on green cliffs above the Bay of Biscay in the seaside village of Bakio, near Bilbao. The winery was founded by winemaker and oe- nologist Itziar Insausti and journalist Andoni Sarratea; and was one of three original pioneers in the revival of txakolina production near Bilbao. Their goal has always been to rejuvenate the tradition of txakolina and honor its contribution to the gastronomic and cultural history of their village with the indigenous hondarrabi zuri and hondarrabi beltza grapes.

Doniene Gorrondona farms 16 hectares of vines, in- cluding a unique two-hectare parcel of pre-phylloxera hondarrabi beltza. The Bakio valley creates a steeply- sloped bowl which faces the Cantabrian Sea, where vineyards are carved from the rock and surrounded by forests on one side and the ocean on the other. This in- credible natural setting yields distinctive txakoli wines marked by fresh mountain herbs and salinity. Doniene Gorrondona farms ecologically and the wines are fermented using only the native, indigenous yeasts for spontaneous fermentation.

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