Amabuki Yamhai Junmai Omachi Sake, 720ml

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Amabuki is a brewery that is experimenting with yeast strains derived from flower pollen. This is a junmai made with marigold yeasts, something that is imparted into the finished product. Yamhai refers the more rustic method of instigating fermentation, giving the sake good savory notes. Slightly sweet and can be drank either cold or warmed.

Spec Sheet

From the mouth of the importer (Mutual Trading Co):

"The true expressions of the marigold flower are noticeable both on the palate and nose of this sake, and are amplified by the Yamahai-jikomi brewing method's signature funky style. Excellent chilled, but the personality of Omachi rice and Yamahai-jikomi really shine when served gently warmed."

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