Amabuki Ginno Kurenai Junmai, 720ml

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Off-dry, floral and superbly sippable naturally pink colored sake! The rose hue is acquired from the black rice used in the sake's production. Amabuki is over 300 years old but still continues be an leading innovator of premium sakes.

Spec Sheet

From the mouth of the importer (Mutual Trading Co):

"This sake is a revolution in the taste, color and aroma of sake. From the moment of the first unbelievable pour, the special qualities are quite apparent - a beautiful rosé color, coming from the use of ancient black rice, glistens in your wine glass. The flavor is lightly sweet with muted fruit undertones, but it’s the color that will truly draw you in. This is an ideal sake to serve for any celebration, and it makes the perfect gift!

Established 1688 in the northern Kyushu region, Amabuki Brewery has been producing sake earnestly for over 325 years. They make use of locally harvested Saga rice and underground water and to create unique, high grade sake. Their specialty - a new style of using flower yeasts - is a combination of their skill, creativity and hard work, and led to new level in sake. Enriching your most relaxing times with the elegant and unique fragrances and flavors in their brews has been their ultimate duty for generations."

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