2018 Vinateros Bravos Pipeno Tinto, 1L

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Pipeno is a term for peasant wine in Chile, what farmers drank by the jug and was used in church services. It has now revived as a style the focuses on the old vine varieties grown in the country that traditional didn't hold the prominence of the 'noble' French grapes. Joke was on them as old vines of this grapes make wonderful wines. This is 70% Cinsualt and 30% Pais fermented with native yeasts. Liter sized bottle as well, part of the well-valued tradition of the style.

From the mouth of the importer (Ripe Wine Imports):

"Leonardo Erazo created “A Los Vinateros Bravos” winery in the heart of the Itata region (south of Chile). The vines of Itata thrive in a steep hills landscape without irrigation. Bush vines are verry old in this region, and finding 100 years old vines is common here. The volcanic and granitic soil provide an extraordinary environment for root growth resulting in very healthy vineyards. Leonardo doesn’t interfere with the terroir to bring a strong sense of place into the bottle. Winemaking is simple, using only native yeast and cement tank for fermentation and aging."

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