2018 Delinquente "Tuff Nutt" Pet-Nat, 750ml

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A lovely Australian pet-nat of an obscure Italian white variety called Bianco d'Alessano. Rarely found and mostly in white blends in the north of Italy, the grape has found a new home in the Riverland area of South Australia and makes a brilliant, citrus-driven and yeasty sparkler in this case. Single fermentation with wild yeasts, non-disgorged, farming is practicing organic. Utterly delicious.

Notes from the importer (Wine Dogs):

Delinquente is produced by 29 years old owner/ winemaker Con-Greg who was born and raised on a vineyard in the Riverland, his father the manager of production at one of the local bulk wineries. Con-Greg's aim is to showcase just how good wines from the Riverland can be if you use grape varieties and clones that are suited to the climate and soil type, and treat the vines with respect.

The approach is to focus on sustainable grape varieties that need less water and thrive in the Riverland’s warm, dry climate. They are organically grown, single vineyard fruit, all sourced from a small family vineyard.

This is complemented with a minimal intervention winemaking approach including natural, open ferments and no adds in the winery besides a touch of SO2.

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