2017 Wasenhaus Gutedel, 750ml

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Dry, unfiltered and crisp white. from the Baden reign of Germany. Gutedel is the German name for the Chasselas grape. It is used both as a wine and table grape, because of its lovely honied notes. Wasenhaus is a non-interventionist winery, using native yeast, no additives except maybe a touch of sulfur if necessary.

Notes from the importer (Vom Boden):

The farming is organic with elements of biodynamics woven in. They own very small plots near Staufen (this is where the farm “Wasenhaus” is located) and buy grapes from specific farmers and specific plots in the Kaiserstühl (again, the map may be useful here). The winemaking is low intervention. The white wines are all whole-cluster pressed with a basket press; the élevage is in neutral barrels of varying sizes. The reds are fermented in open-top vats and then aged in neutral barrels as well. Only natural yeasts are used, and all wines are bottled unfined and unfiltered. Sulfur is used only at bottling and minimally.

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