2018 Troupis Moschofilero "Hoof and Lur",750ml

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A floral, tart berry orange-rose, or ramato style, from the Peloponnese. Moschofilero is a native Greek vine that produces pink-colored berries with aromatic qualities. This cuvee is given enough time on the skins to take on some of the amber-pink cool of the skins. Organic farming and indigenous yeast ferments.

Notes from the importer (DNS):

"The Troupis family has a long history of work in agronomy in the Peloponnese dating back to the ‘70s where vines, fruit baring trees and flowers have been grown and sold from their nursery in Mantinia. As with other traditional Greek families who make wine for their own table, their efforts in the cultivation of vines naturally grew into the desire to share their passion with others. Today, Troupis Winery is located in the heart of Mantinia at an altitude of 700 meters in the region of Fteri or “fern.” It is a familial, modern enterprise, totaling roughly 70 acres."

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