2018 Swick "Only Zuul" Red, 750ml

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A delightfully fruity, aromatic and dry red/rose made as a small batch experimentation by Joe Swick. This wine is a blend of equal parts Pinot Gris and Gewurtztraminer, both pink-berried varieties that were allowed to macerate on the skins for 30 days. This grapes are most often used to make white wine, so this is a rarer example of a colored version, only 150 cases produced. Fermented with native yeasts and only very small doses of sulfur.

From the mouth of the importer (Jenny & Francois):

"Joe Swick is a 5th generation Oregonian, born and raised in Portland. He got into the wine business working as a shipping/receiving clerk working at a specialty organic food store in Portland, where he was able to taste a lot of different wines and meet a lot of Oregonian winemakers. He worked his first harvest in 2003 in Oregon, and from then until 2012 he worked 15 different harvests, traveling all over the world as far as Tasmania, France, Portugal, and Italy. He even spent some time with our very own Simon Busser in Cahors, France! Joe returned to Oregon in 2013 to start Swick Wines in the Willamette Valley. He works only with sustainable or organically farmed vineyards that are not irrigated, from cooler climate locations. Many of the wines have zero sulfur added, a direction Joe is excited to continue pursuing."

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