2017 St. Reginald Parish “The Marigny” Carbonic Pinot Gris Williamette Valley, 750ml

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A skin contact, whole cluster fermented version of Pinot Gris from the Williamette Valley. Most commonly used to make white wines, Pinot Gris is actually a pink-berried variety that can make rose wines when the skins are allowed to macerate with the juice. Organic farming, native yeasts for spontaneous fermentation, very low doses of sulfites and bottled without filtering. Though carbonic maceration often results in fruity reds, this rose is surprisingly mineral with notes of rhubarb and hints of spicy greens. A very nifty wine, with the 2017 vintage being the first released in New York.

From the mouth of the importer (Communal Wines):

"A very charismatic (and tall) son of a Baptist preacher, drummer, and fifth generation Louisianan, Andrew Reginald Young, recently kicked off St Reginald Parish, a winery based in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The Marigny label refers to a hip neighborhood in the French Quarter best known for its live music and is an ode to his roots. After catching the wine bug in 2007, he set out to work with Willamette Valley’s cooler climate sites at higher elevations because he prefers the leaner, earthier, more saline profile of fruit from these origins. All fruit is sourced from friends with old, quite established sites. Access to top quality fruit means he doesn’t need to do much in the winery. Intervention is quite minimal. Bootstrapping things together, he started with a press he rented from a beer store and would use his friend’s meat fridge to cold soak. Things have evolved a tiny bit from there, but Andy intends to keep things simple, with his main goal being to always maintain the true character of the variety in that vintage."

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