2017 Pajot VDP Cotes de Gascogne Cepages Blanc, 750ml

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A refreshing everyday light-bodied dry white from the Southwest of France. In Gascony, the interior region just east of Bordeaux with a hundreds of years of viticultural history and home of the grape spirit, Armagnac. Domaine Pajot is growing certified organic grapes with no use of chemical pesticides, hand harvesting, with fermentation and aging done in stainless steel tanks to retain the fruity notes of the grapes.

From the mouth of the importer (Polaner):

"A dry white wine from the Côtes de Gascogne made from the four main regional varieties: Colombard, Ugni-Blanc, Sauvignon, and Gros-Manseng. All four grapes are complementary and balance each other well. This balance of different grapes enables the vines to grow in stages, making them more resistant to climatic conditions and diseases. As well, the domaine's work in the vineyard is easier to organize and more efficient. During wine harvest, grape gathering is gradual too, so it gives them time to carry out the vinification process in good conditions. But above all these varieties grow perfectly in this area and each one of them lets off a specific aroma quite nice to blend. The proportions vary according to the vintage."

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