2017 Lucy Margaux Sauvignon Franc, 750ml

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Ardently natural wine from Australia. The full-on deal, nothing added, nothing taken away. A blend of equal parts Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc, with the expected barnyardy and funky elements of an no sulfur added wine. Briny, tart red fruit, earth and peppery hints. Rather epic.

Notes from the producer:

"‘Natural wine’ is simply wine made from grapes. But it is so much more, because ‘natural’ is not greed, capitalism, chemical, or control. It is a metamorphosis to allow the archetypal beverage to form. Therefore, natural wine cannot be made by greedy people; you must have a relationship with the vines that offer you their fruit, and it would be a sin to manipulate them with chemicals, so they must be farmed organically. To adulterate nature’s work by filtering, fining, or any addition, including small amounts of sulfur, is not natural."

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