2017 Leureano Serres Mendall "Moose Roig", 750ml

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Amphora aged Grenache made without added sulfur and wild yeasts. Funky, light and full of mineral notes. Very nifty and unique.

From the mouth of the importer (Percy Selections):

"From the beginning, Laureano was committed to working with organic grapes and wild fermentation, but it was only after 2004, when he “forgot” to use SO2, that the real period of experimentation began. In those early days he made friends with Thierry Puzelat and the late Marcel Lapierre of the Beaujolais, who introduced him to the world of natural winemakers in France. It didn’t take long for Laureano to learn the ropes. By the late 2000s, he was experimenting with everything from carbonic maceration to fermentation in amphora, a necessary period of trial and error for what would come next. These days, Laureano has settled into a unique methodology of cellar work that is at once evolutionary and conservationist."

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