2017 I Vigneri "Aurora" VDT Bianco,750ml

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On Mount Etna there is many great winemakers, but perhaps one of the finest is Savio Foti. I Vigneri wines are made by him from his neighbors vineyards, all working under conditions influnenced by the 1435, Maestranzi dei Vigneri, a medieval winegrowing association. To that end modern intervention is kept to a bare minimal, and farming is done without pesticides and often only labor of draft animals and vineyard workers without machinery. This white wine is a blend of two native Sicilian varieties, Carricante and Minnella. A wine that will likley stand up to aging or be drank now.

Notes from the importer (Louis/Dressner):

"There is nothing used in the vineyards except copper/sulfur mix. No fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are used. The grapes are harvested by hand at the end of September until mid-october. Fermentations are done in open oak vats, without enzymes or thermal control (the nights by this time of year are quite cold). There is very little sulfur used on the grapes or must, if at all. Racking and bottling are done under lunar cycle. The wines are bottled with little or no filtration.

Salvo says that a living wine has its own composition that arises from its own variables: the grape, the vine, the vineyard, the climatic conditions and the individual (vineyard worker and vinifier). It’s important that there is harmony and respect for each variable to make a wine that truly sings."

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