2017 Hatzidakis Aidani, 750ml

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Greek orange wine from a little known grape native to the Mediterranean region. A rare varietal bottling of the obscure Aidani grape, in fact Hatzidakis is the first modern producer of such a wine. 12 hours of skin contact before being aged in steel for 6 months. Bursting with notes of exotic fruits coupled with mild tannins.

Notes from the importer (DNS):

Hatzidakis Winery has come to be known over the years as Santorini’s answer to a cult winery. The style of the wines have always gravitated towards the pure and powerful, foregoing pure reductive winemaking which has become the international face of Santorini for more authentic and terroir driven expressions. Indeed single vineyard bottlings from the Louros vineyard nestled between the villages of Pyrgos and Megalochori have set Hatzidakis Winery apart for their exploration of the terroir tapestry of Santorini which was once assumed to be homogenous. Additionally, Hatzidakis has further distinguished himself by being the first to bottle monovarietal wines of the rare Aidani (2000 vintage) and even rarer Mavrotragano (1997 vintage simultaneously with Domaine Sigalas).

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