2017 Goisot "Exogyra Virgula" Sauvignon de Saint-Bris, 750ml

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Crisp, dry Sauvignon Blanc from Burgundy! There is only a small section of Burgundy allowed to grow Sauvignon, centered on the village of Saint-Bris, and it functions like the extreme end of the Loire Valley. Biodynamic farming, very low sulfur additions and native yeasts.

From the mouth of the importer (Polaner):

"This Sauvignon de Saint Bris shares many attributes with top bottlings of Sancerre from terres blanches soils, and it is generally cropped at lower yields than all but the very best estates in Sancerre. The palate is well balanced, taut and linear, with a fine bead of acidity. The precise black pepper and curry leaf finish.

Domaine Goisot's place in the wine world is beatifully summed up by Burghound's Allen Meadows: "No one but no one delivers more quality for the price than Goisot. The quality is flat out amazing, particulalry given the modest appellations with which he works". Domaine Goisot is, in truth, a fine Chablis estate, but history has not been particularly kind to the region, as Saint Bris was removed from the Chablis appellation after phylloxera paralyzed the area in the late nineteenth century. Prior to this, Saint Bris was part of Chablis, which seems quite logical, given that it shares the same base of profound Kimmeridgian limestone and the same northerly climate as its neighbor a few kilometers to the east. But now Saint Bris is officially a sub-region of the Côte d’Auxerre, which is only officially entitled to Bourgogne status. However, one of the delightful side reprocussions of the switch in official status is that the Goisots, like all of the other growers in Saint Bris, are allowed to plant other grapes beyond chardonnay, and in fact Saint Bris is quite well-known for its excellent sauvignon blancs made in these same deep, chalky soils."

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