2017 Clotilde Davenne Saint-Bris Sauvignon, 750ml

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Cool climate Sauvingnon Blanc in all its herbal, mineral and citrusy glory. A small and unique appellation, Saint-Bris is the only place where Sauvignon Blanc is permitted within Burgundy. It comes very close to the upper Loire Valley and a similar climate so it makes sense the vine leapt the border. The juice is allowed a brief period of contact with the skins to exact the full aromas of the variety.

From the mouth of the importer (Bonhomie):

"Clotilde Davenne dubbed her 1.9 hectare plot of 25 year old chardonnay vines in Petit Chablis “Les Temps Perdu.” This was both an homage to Proust’s massive novel, and a reference to what the locals told her about the land; that it was a waste of time to work. “Why bother with Petit Chablis,” they asked. But this plot was completely in kimmeridgien terroir, just like Chablis, it was only its exposition – western – that made it “petit.” Clotilde’s decision to go her own way and ignore the conventional wisdom is indicative of her manner of working in her vines and cellar. She is a truly independent vigneron."

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