2017 Bura Plavic, 750ml

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Tannic, full-bodied dry red made without sulfur from Croatia. A great blend of earthy, fruity and floral notes, really over delivers for a $20 bottle. Plavac Mali is native to the Balkans and is the most important red grape in Dalmatia. Farming is organic, fermentation is native and no sulfur added that gives the wine a barnyardy aroma.

From the mouth of the importer (Vinum USA):

"Located on the steep 45 degree Southern slopes of Pelješac Peninsula known for its big reds, Bura vineyards produce the most unique, delicious and prestigious wine to ever come out of the Dalmatian Coast. As much as there is talk about all the different wineries and winemakers in Croatia, no other winemaker stands out more than Niko Bura and his sacred Bura Dingač. In Croatia, when it comes to wine and winemaking, there is Niko Bura and then there are the rest of the winemakers. His Dingač is the pinnacle of Croatian winemaking and is what all winemakers in Croatia strive for and aim to be. Niko Bura’s vineyards are fully organic and are the truest expression of the microclimate and land of Croatia’s southern Dalmatian coast. The Bura family has one of the longest traditions of winemaking in Dingač and Croatia as a whole, spanning over sixteen generations -- since the year 1410!"

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