2017 Birrichino Scylla, 750ml

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A powerful red blend from old Californian vines, rich in tannin and dark fruit and a lively acidity. 62% Carignane, 33% Grenache, and 5% Mourvèdre. Oh, how we adore Californian Carignane! The Carignane was planted in 1920 and the other varieties are over a hundred years old. Fermented with native yeast, stems included, neutral oak and no filtering.

A note from the producer:

"Allusions to rocks and hard places notwithstanding, Scylla wraps its silky yet toothsome, urbane yet rustic charms around its chosen fare without drawing it into the abyss. Prismatically perfumed, yet gently firm, it lifts us up, and invites another glass. Like the carignane at its core, with its beastly reputation for high acidity, high tannin, and high yield like some six-headed, man-eating, 300-foot long red sea serpent, when mellowed and moderated after ninety years, its underlying Birichino nature is revealed in a bright, pulsing whirlpool of refreshment and red fruits. As with all our red wines, fermentation was native with some quantity of stems; aging was in neutral barrel; and bottling was done without fining or filtration. All Scylla, no fylla."

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