2017 Yannick Pelletier VDF Blanc,750ml

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Deeply amber-hued skin contact white from the Languedoc, a true orange wine. The wine is made from the Terret Blanc and Terret Gris grapes, one being a naturally occurring color mutation of the other. Organic farming, indigenous yeasts, no additives at all including sulfites. Good acidity but also notes of dried stonefruit and tea.

Notes from the importer (Louis/Dressner):

"L/D: What about the winemaking process?

Sorry, but I don't have a vinification process either. Whole cluster or de-stemmed, pigeages or remontages, maceration time: their are no rules, just instinct. I function heavily on instinct and taste, from choosing when to harvest right down to bottling. I make wines with the grapes, terroirs and the weather of that year. I think they've greatly progressed in nuance and complexity since I started in 2004. Of course I hope to perfect them even more in time. For example a current focus would be more finesse in tannic structure."

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