2016 Yannick Pelletier L'Oiselet VDF Rouge,750ML

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Organically farmed, definitive living wine from the Languedoc. Primarily Cinsualt, with some Syrah, Grenache and Carignan blended in.Medium-bodied red with softly purple floral nose and elegant berry and herbal palate. Wines are all vinified fully naturally, no added sulfur and all wild yeasts.

From the mouth of the importer (Louis/Dressner):

"Pelletier's guiding principle in the winemaking process is to preserve the integrity of the grapes and
wine: manual sorting of the grapes, use of gravity (yes!), indigenous yeasts… If the grapes are clean,
pure, healthy and of good quality, he sees no reason to alter them with chemicals or oenology.
Yannick's wines are made, aged and bottled without sulfites. They are not fined or filtered and
should be stocked in a room or cellar that does not exceed 18 C (64.4 F)."

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