2016 Weingut Aigner Riesling Weinzierberg, 750ml

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A highly tart, very dry sustainably farmed Riesling from the Kremstal region of Austria. Notes of sweet limes, lemongrass and green apples and well-suited to pair with dinner.

From the mouth of the importer (Weygant-Metzler):

"A family tradition of more than 200 years of wine-growing with the world famous names like “Sandgrube” and “Weinzielberg” have made this estate well-known. Wolfgang Aigner, the representative of the ninth generation to produce complex, fruity and earthy wines, has never seen this background as a burden, but as a boon. The sites are the biggest treasure of the Aigner Estate and as such it is an on-going task to produce the best wines. Sandgrube was first mentioned in archives back to A.D. 1001."

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