2016 Vittorio Graziano IGT Emilia Bianco "Ripa Di Sopravento", 750ml

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A rustic,dry sparkling white from a very low intervention winemaker. Though not certified, the estate works organically as it has never employed chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Not even manure, instead he promotes biodiversity through wild herbs and legumes growing in the vineyards. At least two kinds of Trebbiano along with a smattering of mystery grapes that are inter-planted. Direct press of the grapes followed by a wild yeast fermentation in fiberglass, refermented in bottle for the sparkle and left unfiltered. 

From the mouth of the importer (Louis/Dressner):

"Working as an administrative accountant in his early 20's, Vittorio soon found himself miserable behind his desk. After a few years on the job and the daunting realization that it would take an additional 30 years working at the firm to reach his pension, he decided it was time to find an alternative life path. This was the late 70's, an era that coincided with an ever-increasing amount of Emilian producers abandoning the local tradition of making bottle-fermented, dry reds to instead produce a heavily chaptalized, sweet style. Instead of following this trend, Vittorio did the exact opposite.

With no formal training, the young vignaiolo began tending the .5 ha of vines from his family farm. This quickly proved insufficient to start an estate, so Vittorio began befriending the village's old contadini, asking them about their work methods, local varieties and which soils would be best to plant in. Heeding their advice, he started sourcing land and replanting vines, first a hectare in 1978, then another in 1981, then another in 1990, everything meticulously selected by massale from old vines. The acquisition of more farmland around his house in 1992 and subsequent re-plantings brought the estate up to approximately 5 hectares, where it remains today."

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