2017 Vinedo de los Vientos "Anarkia" Tannat, 750ml

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Inky, full-bodied and highly tannic dry red from Uruguay's flagship varietial, Tannat. One of the darkest grape varieties, Tannat is native to southwestern France and went to South America with migrating farmers. Farming without insecticides nor tilling, the wines are made using native yeasts and this cuvee is done without any added sulfites. Great for barbecued meats, like traditionally Uruguayan asado.

From the mouth of the impoter (T Edward):

"Pablo Fallabrino grew up in a family of winemakers. His grandfather, Angelo Fallabrino, moved to Uruguay from Piedmont in 1920, and in the 1930's he started two wineries with five different vineyards. Eventually, his father Alejandro took over, becoming one of the key players in the Uruguayan wine industry, until he passed away in 1991. When Angelo died, in 1995, Pablo took over a single vineyard-Vinedo de los Vientos, and in 1997, he decided to start his own winery.

Using no insecticide and no-till farming, Vinedo de los Vientos does not filter their wines, and only fine with egg whites if necessary. They employ 20% selected yeasts, "just to start the fermentation," says Pablo, "...then you have yeast in the air...ten days after harvest, yeast is everywhere!"

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