2016 Vera Vinho Verde, 750ml

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You want something to pair with an afternoon celebration?  Vinho Verde will fit the bill.  Demure enough for food, light and crispy enough (especially with that slight carbonation) for a solo feature in that ukulele jam.

From the mouth of the producer (Obriga do Vinhos):

"Our ambition was to produce a better vinho verde: estate fruit only, less RS and less carbonation; all of which runs against the norm for other offerings from the region. A little known fact about Portuguese winemaking history is that in the 50’s and 60’s, the Portuguese government, under pressure from the wine industry, resisted the arrival of Coca-Cola and soft drinks. Vinho Verdes, with their light alcohol and slight carbonation, were the soft-drink du jour, the drink people could have for lunch or when meeting with a friend."

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