2016 Terregaie “Stema” Pinot Nero, 750ml

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Some notes from the importer (Coeur Wine Co.)

The Terregaie Winery, under the direction of Salvatore Lovo along with his wife Rita Ferasin, has been cultivating the vineyards of Vo’ in the western end of the Euganian hillsides for generations. It is here, since the 18th century, that their family has been rooted in the wine making traditions of the Veneto. The proximity to the Alps and the Adriatic allows both cool Alpine breezes and warm sea air weave together promoting perfect acidity and aromas in the grapes. This modern and dynamic winery produces high quality estate grown wines from the picturesque & highly favored hillsides of the Padova province. The winery was built in 2004 amidst the Lovo and Ferasin farm lands, which have been in their respective families for nearly 200 years. With about 50 hectares (120 acres) of southwest facing vineyards, they grow chiefly indigenous along with some international grapes like Pinot Noir.
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