2016 Cascina Tavijn Ottavio Gringolino, 750ml

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Light-bodied, dry, pale red wine with bright acidity. The Piedmontese variety, Gringolino, has a long history, mentioned all the way back to the 1300s, as was once held in the same regard as the heavy Barolo wines. A zestfully fruity wine, these were valued as refreshing and well-suited to pairing with a variety of foods. As the grape expert Ian d'Agata explains, "Well-made Gringolino wines are magical: the wine resembles a big rosato more than a vino rosso... The wine's high acidity and tannic bit makes ideal with fatty foods, and its delicate spiciness matches perfectly for soy-sauce-enhanced dishes." Traditional vinification is large old, oak casks with native yeast and only light filtration.

From the mouth of the importer (Louis/Dressner):

"Nadia Verrua, la padronina of Cascina 'Tavijn works in an area of the Asti province of Piedmont long forgotten. Fortunately it is an area blessed with old vines and unique varieties. Nadia is young, gifted and very professional. She has taken over the family’s estate where her father still manages the vineyard work. The cellar, however, is all Nadia’s.

Grignolino is a grape that makes a pale, light red of garnet color and, when finely made, shows the characteristic bitter cherry, or amarena, flavor that goes well with lighter first courses of dried sausages and hard cheeses, like well-aged asiago."

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