2016 Stirm Riesling "Eoolian" Kick-On Vineyard,750ml

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One of the most memorable and stunningly complex domestic Rieslings we've had recently. Ryan Stirm loves Riesling, we love him for loving it. This cuvee is produced with fruit from the Kick-On Vineyard in Santa Barbara, an amazing source for Riesling grapes. Practicing organic agriculture, native yeast fermentation and this bottling has no added sulfites. Racy, citrus, so very mineral, and bone-dry.

From the mouth of the importer (Vom Boden):

"Think of Ryan Stirm as the love child of Clemens Busch and Morgan Twain-Peterson. Clemens Busch in so far as Ryan is committed to organic viticulture, natural ferments, old vines and, yes, he makes Rieslings that can go through full malo (as such, they do not need to be fined or filtered). Morgan Twain-Peterson in that Ryan is a thirsty scholar combing the forgotten nooks and crannies of California history (both are old souls, even in youth).

Kick-On Ranch, Santa Barbara: about ten miles inland from the Pacific. For Riesling dorks of a certain breed, Graham Tatomer has made this site sorta famous. Nutrient-deficient soils that we can call “eolian sand” if you want, matched to a relentless Pacific wind keep this site suffering and producing a wine of a very specific sort of austerity, given the sun-drenched generosity of California. Ryan is transitioning his small plot here to organic viticulture which takes time and a lot of hand-work."

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