2016 Sindicat La Figuera Montsant Tinto, 750ml

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A medium-bodied red from the highlands of Catalonia. The winery is run by a co-operative of three grape growers and aided in the cellar by the Priorat winemaker, Rene Barbier. 100% Garnatxa Fina grown on limestone soils.

From the mouth of the importer (Joes Pastor0:

"La Figuera (“the fig tree” in Catalan), is home to the highest elevation grapevines in all of Montsant, in addition to olive groves and almond trees. Up in the mountains, temperatures are cooler on average, though there is a fairly large diurnal shift from day to night. Sindicat La Figuera works with 25 hectares, all of which are owned by the three co-op members, and vines range in age from 20-70 years. Wines are fermented in underground concrete tanks with minimum temperature control, and they spend 9 months aging in underground cement tanks."

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