2016 Shelter Winery "Lovely Lilly" Pinot Noir, 750ml

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A dry, tart cherry-like with lightly fleshy textured red of Pinot Noir from Germany. The region of Baden is just across the border from Alsace and not too far from Bungundy. Well-suited to growing Bungundian varieties, this is a rare German wine regions were reds are often more esteemed than whites. No pesticides in the vineyards, hand picked grapes, and low intervention winemaking. 

From the mouth of the importer (Vom Boden):

"Originally, the name of the winery, Shelter, came from the old Canadian hanger that they rented at the beginning of their journey. For a few years now they’ve been in a smart new winery that they designed and built and which combines what I think are the key philosophies of the estate: style and simplicity. The barrel room and cellar, while not dug into the ground, has the ground piled on top of it; a beautiful garden of wild flowers insulates the estate. Solar panels to the right power it.

The vineyard and cellar work is just as straightforward. No herbicides or pesticides are used in the vineyards; harvest is done completely by hand. In the cellar, a short cold soak is followed by a delicate press (normally the stems are removed, though this can differ from vintage to vintage) and fermentation in open-top vessels (see above). Once fermentation is complete, the juice is transferred into barrel, with the few new barrels being outnumbered by those with up to five years of age."

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