2016 Selbach Oster Pinot Blanc, 750ml

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An markedly bright, mineral and super crushable dry German white. The Selbach family has been making wines in the Mosel valley for 400 years, with the Selach-Oster vineyards focusing on Riesling, with only a small parcel of Pinot Blanc used to make this wine. Minimalist winemaking with natural slow fermentation.

From the mouth of the importer (Terry Theise):

"Perhaps the biggest surprise of any wine I’ve ever shipped, because it’s uncanny and delicious. This vintage is done in a new 2,000-liter cask, with a tiny dose of Riesling to give it some yin; it’s a friend-making wine, yummy and varietal; a bit woodsier than the last couple vintages, and perhaps a little less overtly slatey, but it’s also chummier. Hard to imagine a fish chowdah without this bad boy to wash it down…."

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