2016 Schodl St. Lauren Dorflagen, 750ml

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A fantastic example of one of Austria's native red varieties. A cousin of Pinot Noir, St. Laurent shares its medium-bodied tenancies and ability to relay both solid cherry fruit and herbal subtly. Mildly aromatic, this wine has hints of dark flower petals on the nose.

From the mouth of the importer (Coeur Wine Co):

"Organic w/biodynamic principles. Sourced entirely from Schodl’s plots in both Loidesthal and Blumenthal. Sandstone and chalky loess soils. The grapes were harvested at the beginning of October. After destemming the berries went into stainless steel fermenter and went through natural fermentation for 10 days. After skin contact the wine rests in large oak fuders of 2000L in an old natural loess cellar with a constant temperature of 14° C. After 10 month the wine was blended and bottled."

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