2016 Roberto Henriquez Vino Tinto Pipeno Pais,750ml

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A slightly bretty, wild and bright medium-bodied red from the Pias grape of Chile. Pipeno is a Chilean term for peasant wine, something that was traditional bottled in large jugs and often used as communion wine. With the increasing interest in the old Pias vines that came over with the early Spanish missionaries the term has been re-purposed for the high quality dry reds the grapes make. Biodynamic farming of untrained bush vines, the grapes are destemmed and fermented with indigenous yeast in open barrels, sulfur is only added after the completion of natural malolactic fermentation. Bottled unfined and unfiltered. Roberto Henriquez 

From the mouth of the importer (T. Edward):

"Roberto Henríquez studied agronomy and enology at the University of Concepción. From there, he travelled and worked with winemakers in Canada, South Africa and finally in the Loire Valley with Rene Mosse. Rene had a profound effect on Roberto’s perspective on winemaking and his progression into organic and biodynamic farming.


Roberto, originally from Concepción, returned home after his time in abroad to begin making his own wine. Returning to the traditional Pipeño methods of the original winemakers of Chile felt intuitive to the winemaking style he had adopted. The rest of his story to present is pure progression to the pursuit of the most pure wines in a true Chilean context."

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