2017 Plageoles Braucol Gaillac Rouge, 750ml

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A fruity, piney and moderately tannic red from an underrated variety grown in the southwest of France. Braucol, also called Marcillac and Fer Savadou, is tannic and often rustic in its expression, but Plageoles has delicious cherry fruit brought out by semi-carbonic maceration that mingles with spruce and tree resin herbal notes. Somewhere in a triangle between Cabernet Franc, Gamay and Syrah. Practicing organic agriculture and the wines from Plageoles are only given small doses of sulfites at bottling.

From the mouth of the importer (Jenny & Francois):

"The wines of Gaillac as a whole are on the map today as wines of quality due to the hard work and adventurous spirit of the Plageoles family. It all started with Robert Plageoles, who took great pride in bringing back the lost indigenous varieties of the area. He researched and replanted over a dozen varieties (7 in the Mauzac family alone) indigenous to Gaillac that had all but vanished. Robert did painstaking work, often going in to the forest to find wild vines growing, and going to seed banks to resurrect these grapes. Robert’s son Bernard continued this work, and now his sons Florent and Romain have taken up the cause of natural wines in Gaillac."

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